Leader in employment and HR consulting

Are you looking for specialists from abroad? Or maybe you need professionals from Poland? You have come to the right place!

Personnel Service has been a specialist in comprehensive recruitment of employees for companies in Poland for 10 years. Thanks to our professional services you will gain personnel tailored to your needs and save your time. We provide full support and take care of all formalities.

Who we recruit?

Employees from abroad
Specialists from Poland

What makes us stand out?

We have been operating on the market for a decade. Every year, we implement projects for around 100 companies, mainly at the enterprise level.
We delegate experts in the scope of employment of foreigners who speak the language required by the project to provide operational service of our projects.
We always adapt to your requirements, providing the right number of employees with the required qualifications and responding to the needs that change over time.
We have our own recruitment structures in several countries and the Legalization Department, which is why we are not dependent on external suppliers and we quickly legalize work of people from abroad.
We will provide you with comprehensive operational service, starting from legalization of stay, training, pre-work examinations, certification of permissions, translation of documents, organization of accommodation, up to transport of employees to the workplace.
We constantly monitor the labor market, indicators regarding our employees and customer satisfaction. We conduct and regularly publish objective studies on labor markets in Poland and Ukraine.

Our history

At the beginning, we specialized in recruiting employees from Ukraine in response to needs of employers in Poland. And although it is still an important part of our business, we now provide comprehensive employee recruitment services.

We are a trusted

Since our establishment, we have participated in over 3,000 projects that we implemented for both global companies and smaller entities. We comprehensively support projects, providing as many as even 1.8 thousand people to one workplace. 50 thousand people have already found jobs thanks to us.

As a partner for our clients, we guarantee

• experience and quality of a mature international corporate environment
• know how gained through many years of cooperation with leaders of the economy sectors
• flexibility of short decision-making paths and tailor-made solutions

Our Values

Focus on people
We believe that people are the greatest value in business

Cooperation and reliability
We offer support for employees who want to find their dream workplace and for employers who care about a qualified staff.

Social responsibility
We accompany employees every day, giving them their dream job and responding to emerging difficulties. We also care about fair practices, all our employees are legally employed.

Promotion of high employment standards
Specialists from Poland can count on job offers all over the world and candidates from abroad on fair employment in Poland.


Power of knowledge

We set trends and boldly comment on the labor market – always relying on facts.

As an expert on the labor market, we ask insightful questions and pose bold theses that can help improve the labor market and conditions of employing Ukrainians in Poland.