One of the most flexible forms of employment. We recruit employees in line with client’s needs, employ them on the basis of the Temporary Employment Act, and then delegate them to work at the client’s company. This form is a perfect solution in situations where:

  • There is a need for quick employment due to a seasonal nature of company’s operations
  • A company needs flexible adjustment of the number of employees to changing needs at a given moment of its activity
  • There is no possibility to increase level of permanent employment
  • There is a need to replace employees in periods of illnesses or long leaves


This innovative solution is based on taking over responsibility for processes or functions outside our clients’ core business activities. In order to achieve full optimization, we implement indicators agreed with the client and select proper tools and methods. Implementation of such a cooperation model gives organizations the opportunity to control costs, minimize risk and increase competitiveness. Sectors in which outsourcing is most often implemented: telecommunications, banking, finance, logistics, HR, IT, industrial production, human resources and payroll, marketing and promotion, sales.


This is the main axis of our activity – as part of the service, we take corporate HR departments under our wings. We offer professional recruitment of employees in Eastern Europe and Asia countries. We always run the recruitment process through our own offices, making the process transparent and fast. We comprehensively handle:

  • legalization of work in Poland along with extension of validity dates of residence permit documents
  • translation of all contracts, procedures and regulations applicable at the Client’s
  • OHS trainings
  • provision of employees possessing required qualifications
  • organization of accommodation
  • organization of transport to the workplace
  • ordering examinations required for a given position
  • provision of work clothes
  • We also ensure attention, at every stage, of our Consultants fluent in Polish, Ukrainian and Russian.

Within the framework of cooperation with Personnel Service, clients make settlements according to a predetermined man-hour worked, which allows forecasting costs and expenses. Owing to this service, costs resulting from overtime, sickness contributions and contributions to the State Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled (PFRON) are minimized.

IT Outsourcing

Allows reducing costs of IT maintenance in an easy and fast way and thus focusing more on one’s business and increasing company’s cost effectiveness. Tailored services and their optimization provide benefits to companies.

Recruitment of
and managerial staff

As an external HR department, we acquire the best candidates with desired experience and skills for our clients. Our multilingual consultants reach a specific profile of employees who meet defined requirements.

During the recruitment process, we put emphasis on finding consensus between employer’s requirements and employee’s expectations – as to the form of employment or the manner of work settlement. Our clients are provided with comprehensive services in terms of all formalities related to employment, i.e. personnel, payroll, relocation, and legal issues.


With this service we can support the client in carrying out group layoffs safely, while maintaining the best possible image among employees. The process of group layoffs is a complex procedure that requires thorough knowledge of labor law. If it is poorly conducted, it may result in result in costly and time-consuming consequences such as e.g. court trials and financial compensations.

HR consulting

HR solutions existing in companies are not always sufficiently effective or efficient. As part of the consulting, we support organizations in the development of employees and processes by providing adequate solutions tailored to their needs. We deal with such issues as:

  • optimization of the HR function
  • competence management
  • potential and competence diagnosis
  • competence development
  • employee and process assessment
  • talent and payroll management
  • employee involvement management.